Workshops & Events

Growing Our Own

Seedling Transplant & Mulching Workshop

Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

Manure and Vermicomposting Workshop

Chilies & Wall O' Water Workshop

April 4th, 2024

Onion Workshop

Tyrone Thompson (Ch’ishie Farms) & Nate Etsitty (The Co-op) will co-present on onion planting and installing drip irrigation.

March 14th, 2024 

Soil Mixing & Seed Starting


Navajo farmers Felix Earle, of Red Earth Gardens, and Tyrone Thompson, of Ch’ishie Farms, presented the fundamentals of soil mixing for seed starting for our Native community. This was the first workshop of the year, it was finally warm enough to start planting. 

February 29th. 2024

Collaborative Calendar 2024


Hey there! Our collaborative calendar, made by Native-run nonprofits, is like our community's event hub. It helps us share resources, and valuable information! It's your go-to spot to see what's happening in our community—helping you join in, take part, and support the causes you care about. Plus, it brings us together, helping us work as a team to make a real difference in our Native community's strength and support.

Growing our Own with business, management, and administrative trainings that will grow your knowledge on how to build opportunities on Navajo