TLE - CARES Act Project

TLE Covid relief and recovery efforts focus on family- and community-based water and food initiatives, to provide immediate relief from critical shortages of water and food, and to strengthen longer term recovery of water and food security.

Despite tight deadlines, the project delivered:

Hoop Houses

Ch'ishie Farms selected and prepared six 6 sites for hoop house installation. The sites are farms on the Navajo Nation with dedicated growers that are experienced in caring for the plants and growing food.

3 sites in Leupp (2 hoop houses at beaver Farms, 1 at Ch’ishie Farms, and 1 at another regional family farm; 1 site in Dilcon at a family farm; and 1 site Ganado at a family farm). 

All sites are committed to continue to grow food for distribution to families in need during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, as they can.

Drilling Wells

 The Well Lead worked closely with hydrologists associated with the US Geological Survey in Flagstaff and AZCA Drilling and Pumps, TLE’s drilling contractor.

 They provided technical assistance to identify locations for wells with the highest likelihood of success based on hydrogeologic conditions and available data from nearby wells. 

 The team hired Hozho Engineering, a Navajo owned civil/environmental engineering firm, and Westwind Solar, a solar-electric contractor based in Flagstaff, to advise on specifications and design for site-specific water storage and delivery systems, and power sources.

Full Project Report

3-2021 CARES Progress Report FINAL w Attachments.pdf

CARE Act Final Report