Board of Directors

Garry Biakeddy, President

Garry is a local business owner and community leader, advises TLE on the planning process of small business/enterprise development. He advises on cost estimating for projects and TLE’s general operations. His extensive knowledge of running businesses in a rural environment greatly informs project and operational planning.


Bill Edwards, Vice-President

Bill has a long history of entrepreneurial ventures, non-profit management and coordination, is a former production grower with market experience, and is a lifetime gardener. Because of his experience and insight into economic development on Native lands, he now is a member of the Navajo Nation Vice-President’s Gardening Advisory Committee.


Vanessa Vandever, Treasurer

Vanessa has extensive knowledge and experience in policy, project planning and implementation, and innovative economic development practices that impact multiple Native communities throughout the region. She also brings a refined approach to cultural awareness and is fluent in Navajo.

Jacques Seronde, Secretary

Jacques is an “inlaw” to the Navajo people. He has a deep commitment to growing sustainability and self-sufficiency within Native communities and a long history of creating high-impact, sustainable projects within this region. In addition, he is highly experienced in building meaningful partnerships and recruiting skilled talent to TLE projects.

James & Joyce Skeet, Members

Byron Shorty, Member