Sihasin Garden

Our 3-acre demonstration garden, once a barren business site lease, has transformed into a blossoming, demonstration site packed with garden beds, row crops, lasagna beds, a fruit-tree orchard,  a hoop house, raised beds, and much more. A part of our site uses low cost systems for harvesting rainwater and solar power. Our space is attracting and inspiring people from all over. They are coming to see, learn and work together to grow good food again. At this site, we offer workshops on traditional and contemporary growing methods for self-sustenance and market growers.  

Demonstrating Traditional and Regenerative Growing Techniques

Demonstration Garden

Our garden is managed by TLE’s Youth Program Manager, Sihasin Garden Leaders & Warriors with help from local farmers who are experienced and knowledgeable in traditional and contemporary growing methods and are experienced in building healthy soils by increasing nutrients and promoting no-till methods and lasagna beds.

The Sihasin Garden Leaders and Garden Warriors learn growing methods at the site and then assist our local communities with building their growing spaces. 

Thermal Composting

During the 2019 growing season, we will be addressing the missing element in our garden, which is adding biological diversity to the soil, and one method is through thermal composting using green manure. 

We are partnering with Spirit Farm (Vanderwagon, NM) to interweave this method into TLE’s demonstration garden workshops and build our team’s capacity to understand the scientific concepts and to teach these concepts to our local communities.