"This is Our Home, and We Are Resilient People"

Garry Biakeddy, TLE President and Entrepreneur

The challenges our people have overcome are numerous. From the Long Walk, to the Sheep Reduction Act and the Bennett Freeze, we have withstood all that the government could throw at us to try and eliminate us, then to remove us from our home, and then to try and assimilate us. They didn't succeed. This is our home, and we are resilient people.

Tolani Lake Enterprises (TLE) works with the communities we serve to strengthen food, water, and economic systems so that indigenous people may enjoy thriving and healthy ecosystems infused with our ancestral lifeways, language, and culture. We focus on reinvigorating our connection to the natural world, strengthening ourselves using our traditional paradigms, and ensuring that our young people are given a voice and a leadership role in local and regional decision-making processes. 

Your donation will help us to continue to re-engaging with our indigenous lifestyles and rebuilding the systems that made us strong and resilient in the first place. 

Ahe'hee' (thank you) for your donation.