NAAF Funded Workshops

During this project, we integrated in-person workshops with hands-on work sessions so participants could both learn and practice new skills and create tangible benefits at the conclusion of the workshops that would provide benefits over future growing seasons. Each of the workshops were designed for learning and completed needed work at regional farm and garden sites. This additional funding provided by the Native American Agricultural Fund (NAAF) allowed TLE to exceed our project goals of completing 6 workshops and engaging 48 paarticipants. Of the total 26 workshops, 22 were held-in person, conducted in small groups at a variety of locations using COVID appropriate protocols and 4 were conducted on the zoom platform. 

As a result of these workshops, regional farms and gardens now have new growing beds and functioning drip irrigation systems installed in area hoop houses and farms. New tree nurseries, new raised beds and planted crops at several sites, an earth oven built at TLE's demonstration site, and so much more are the further results made possible through combining workshops with community engagement. 

Over the period project, we also strengthened partnerships among the diverse organizations providing resources, agricultural and entrepreneurial training, and technical assistance to regional farms and gardens to better coordinate and leverage our work using the "collaborative calendar", a tool we created in 2021 to expand access to training and resources. Our partners include Dine College Land Grant Office, CHOICE Humanitarian, Ch'ishie Farms, Spirit Farm, IDRS Acorn Project, and UA Cooperative Extension. 

List of Workshops & Topics: