Restoration with Native Plants

In 2018, a new partnership began to restore degraded lands on Navajo Nation with the power of native plants.

Tolani Lake Enterprises, Navajo Nation Fish and Wildlife Service Native Plants Program and US Geological Survey Restoration and Monitoring Program for the Southwest (RAMPS) joined forces to build local capacity for restoration through:

  • Sharing best practices in workshops, field experiences, and an online resource library (future link)

  • Collecting native seeds and cuttings that are best adapted to local conditions and growing them in greenhouses to plant on the land

  • Helping Dine' growers grow native plants to harvest seeds (seed increase fields will expand the supply of adapted plant materials for restoration projects as they provide a source of income for the growers).

This work is possible through grants from the Wildlife Conservation Society, the BIA Tribal Resilience Program, and our partners.