The TLE Team

Growing Our Own

Executive Director (OPEN)

Temporary Business Manager

Nalda Thomas, Bookkeeper

Ya'at'eeh, this is Ronalda Thomas. She is Reed People, born for Mexican People. Her maternal grandparents are Yucca Fruit and her paternal clan is Salt Clan. She is from Tolani Lake, AZ. Ronalda is a mother to two boys. She grew up learning only about dry-land farming from her grandmother and mother. Since joining TLE, it has opened more learning opportunities about regenerative agriculture, soil health, water and food sovereignty. She is currently taking business classes at NAU and is learning the business aspects of TLE with the hope to one day start her own.

Rona Williams, Office HRIS Coordinator

Bio and photo coming soon!

AJ Taptto, Program & Communications Coordinator (She/Her/Hers)

AJ is Bitter Water Clan born for the Nez Perce Tribe. Her maternal grandfather is Red Running into the Water Clan and her paternal grandfather is Kiowa. She is from Tolani Lake, AZ. AJ recently graduated from Dartmouth College with a Bachelor's Degree in Native American Studies. She is passionate about photography, abstract art, sculpture, and hopes to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in the near future.

Aletha Johnson, Program Coordinator

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VACANT, Gardener Manager

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Justina Yazzie, Ecosystem Coordinator

Ya'at'eeh! Justina resides here in Tolani Lake. She is Manygoats Clan born for the Edgewater Clan. Her maternal grandfather is Salt Clan and her paternal grandfather is Honey Comb Rock People Clan. Justina has worked on and off for Tolani Lake Enterprises for 3 years. She has worked as a custodian and tended to the backyard garden. She enjoys working with other people, especially when there are workshops and conferences. She and her husband have a small backyard garden that they plant in every year and enjoy. Working at TLE has taught her a great deal about gardening and has expanded her knowledge.