Dine Land Grant Office @ TLE

Darrell Yazzie, Extention Agent

Darrell Yazzie Jr. is of the Bitter Water Clan (Tó’di’chíínii) from Navajo Mountain, AZ. He is born for the Big Water Clan (Tó’tsó’nii) from Klagetoh, AZ. His maternal grandfather is of the Yucca-Fruit-Strung-Out-In-A-Line Clan (Hashk’aanhá’dzohnįį) from Oljeto, UT. His paternal grandfather is of the Towering House Clan (Kin’yaa’áánii) from the Southern part of the Navajo. He was born and raised in the Klagetoh community where he hopes to one day go back to and help in the future. 

Mr. Yazzie earned a Bachelors Degree of applied Science in Biology, from Dine College in 2018. As an Extension Agent, Darrell covers the communities in the Tolani Lake, Leupp and Birdsprings Chapters, but also includes the chapters in the southern and western parts of the Navajo Nation in Arizona. Darrell hopes he can provide more education with some technical assistance on livestock hospitality and management to help create a sustainable economy on the Navajo reservation.  

Thank you (Áhxé’hee).