Garry Biakeddy

Garry is a local business owner and community leader, advises TLE on the planning process of small business/enterprise development. He advises on cost estimating for projects and TLE’s general operations. His extensive knowledge of running businesses in a rural environment greatly informs project and operational planning.

Since Garry has been with TLE, he has realized that our local Navajo Nation Dine people’s livelihood could use additional education in becoming more self-sufficient in acquiring food, water, and financial empowerment. He values and praises the TLE Team and Warrior Youth in diligently working to make these happen. Garry’s current expectation is that TLE’s demonstration garden will become a year round food producing model and that Tolani Lake Enterprises will become more self sufficient.


Coconino High School

DeVry Institute of Technologies – Electronics

International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Apprenticeship Program


Union Boilermaker Local 627 – Union Contractors

Ada Programmer - Navajo Technologies, Inc.

Business Partner/Software Engineer - First American Cooperative Engineering, Inc. - Honeywell

Owner/Manager - Gary B’s Tack Company

Retired Boilermaker

Current Activities:

Board President – Tolani Lake Enterprises, Inc.

Board Member – Tolani Lake Livestock and Water Users Association Inc.

Owner/Manager – B Construction, LLC